Leonardo Azevedo

Forgotten Ballad Icy Adventure.
CBR+PNK Last Run with Google Drive epic boss fight.
New statue-type enemies for Mork Borg.
A advanced adventure for Death in Space.
CBR+PNK Last Run with Google Drive hacker puzzle.
Cursed vampires of the Cradle Lands seeking revenge!
CBR+PNK City Pamphlet with new cutting edge content.
Pull this pin, let this world explode.
A supplement for The Legend of the Forgotten Ballad RPG.
Um sistema com aventura em 12 páginas ambientado nas profundezas de um oceano alienígena.
A fight between your human and animal mind.
A PocketMod zine for the Troika! Sphere Jam, about a ruined island.
Weird sci-fi comic story of warrior rabbits.