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i'm in ah...Thank You

Hi, I was interested in playing with my friends, however I have seen that there is no history manual or anything like that, and I would like to know more or less how I should play.

I'm also new, so I'm sorry if I don't understand a lot of things.

Hey! To find the info you need, visit the base game page: TTRPG is about using your creativity to complete the rules the games provide you. Good luck!

É um RPG de mesa? Por acaso chegaste a fazer algum vídeo tutorial?


Yes it is. But remember that it's a supplement for this other game:


The color scheme and dithered background of this itch page are beautiful!


Que trabalho incrível Leo, só melhora! Há possibilidade de produzir uma versão de página cheia? Eu leio tudo no tablet e os panfletos são lindos pra impressão, mas pra ler no celular ou tablet requerem bastante ampliação e redução da imagem.

Valeu! :D Acho que consigo separar as páginas para uma versão de celular! Coloco aqui quando terminar ;) 


It's very cool, have you considered making a print friendly version? Right now it consumes a lot of Ink

Hello! Thank you so much! Print friendly version add.  :D


This is incredible!

Deleted 261 days ago

The beauty of this is unmatched.


Very cool!  Really appreciate this work.  :)

Thank you so much! Stay tuned for more cool content!



Thank you very much my friend!